What is MyndPlay?

We are a UK Based Neurofeedback Technology, Research and Media Company and creators of the MyndPlayer interactive mind controlled video platform.

Brain Entertainment...Experiences, Development and Training; like never before.

MyndPlay is the world's first mind controlled media player and platform which connects your computer to your mind with dry sensor EEG (Electroencephalograph) BrainWave technology to allow users an engaging, innovative new level of interactivity by allowing you to control, interact with and direct video media or a movie using only the mind.

MyndPlay trains your mind to meditate and focus through stimulus/response training and provides you with detailed brainwave feedback and the tools to develop  greater mental awareness and emotional control making it the ultimate brain entertainment, live experience and training platform.

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MyndPlay is not just a media player but a platform designed to create seamlessly interactive experiences and content from movies to education; you can create custom solutions for events, schools, corporate environments, sports peak performance as well as movies, entertainment, mental health and advertising; MyndPlay has been designed for the Industry as well as the here to find out more 

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Stock Update: A few headsets for £104, mind controlled helicopters for £79.2, helicopters with headsets for £151.2 and educational game for kids Focus Pocus for £71.2 left after the Back-To-School offer. These are going out today, hurry up

Thu Sep 24 14:26

MyndPlay is training with TSW in Italy on a new project. More news to come. Meanwhile, check out the some of the behind the scenes on our Facebook page

Mon Sep 21 15:51

We are starting our Back-to-School Offer with giving 10 apps away during the next 10 hours. Email with your new app idea and the list of 10 apps from our App Store, which you would like to have for free within the next 10 hours, and get them allocated for you for free.*

*Note that free content can be allocated for PC/Mac only

Mon Sep 14 14:43

MyndPlay got mentioned in the acclaimed documentary Gameplay: The Story of the Videogame Revolution at 01:20:40 as a part of the future of Video Games... Watch the documentary film here  

Mon Sep 07 13:52

A new app - MyndTFT Therapy for Trauma with associated Rage - is available in our App Store. More about the app and tft here

Mon Aug 24 13:27

Father's Day is around the corner. Why not treat your dad to MyndPlay Entertainment System? Pick 5 Apps from a...

Thu Jun 06 11:11

MyndPlay CEO comments in the New Scientists on latest Mind Controlled Flying Drone project...

Wed Jun 05 16:18

How Brainwave Data Can Shape Creative Campaigns - Tre Azam, MyndPlay's CEO is set to talk tomorrow at Ogilvy's...

Wed Jun 05 11:54

Ogilvy's Will Harvey talk about the future of creative technology with examples of MyndPlay and Measure for...

Tue May 28 22:09

Mission Job Hunter and MyndGuardian are now live on the MyndPlay app out for new projects coming soon.

Mon May 20 02:44